In order to achieve sustainable product development, sustainability initiatives must be rooted in mainstream processes to ensure measurable results. Trayak allows manufacturers embrace lean design principles by encouraging sustainably conscious decisions at every stage of the product/ packaging development process. This must begin with the design phase to achieve sustainable product development. Our solutions help you set informed Corporate Sustainability Goals and track your progress towards those goals. We believe that having a commitment to sustainability means integrated solutions that adapt with your company to ensure lasting success.

Software Solutions

Your business, tools, processes, and goals are all unique, and so is your sustainability solution! COMPASS, EcoImpact, EcoDesigner, EcoScore, and EcoLabel can be used independently or as part of an integrated design solution.

Consulting Services

We will work with you to transform sustainability goals into tangible and actionable steps. From one-time assessments, to strategic planning, on-going engagements and custom software development, we deliver real and lasting results.

Why Trayak?

We are the sustainability experts. Our sustainability solutions put sustainability knowledge into the hands of product and package designers all of the world giving enabling anyone to design and manufacture with sustainable strategies.

Mobile Solutions

Trayak's recently released mobile application bridges the gap between technology and sustainability. MyGizmo is a platform that aims to reduce electronic waste by facilitating buying, selling, trading, and managing electronic devices.

Sustainable Packaging Solution

Trayak has developed the industry leading COMPASS Comparative Packaging Assessment software. Choose materials intelligently and design your package to meet key environmental performance indicators.

Join the Conversation

Join the conversation by checking out Trayak's sustainability blog. Here you will explore sustainable solutions, design strategies, though leadership, and much more.

-Green is Lean-

Today, engineers are continuously challenged to accelerate sustainable product development. This is advanced through a lean PLM (Product Life-cycle Management) or Stage-Gate development process. Consequently, sustainable product development brings together lean manufacturing and lean product engineering under one umbrella to deliver measurable improvements from concept to market entry. The seamless union of lean process and engineering can yield repeatable benefits for material optimization, waste reduction, manufacturing efficiency and profitability.

Our solutions enable:

Better decisions that optimize the total product including performance, quality, cost, aesthetics and sustainability

Tracking of progress towards sustainability goals

Quickly evaluate many design alternatives including tradeoffs

Companies have been pursuing sustainable product development for years. Sustainability is about lean product engineering. This will deliver measurable improvements to waste reduction, materials reduction, manufacturing efficiency and profitability. Once the lean process is formally embraced it is easily repeated for all products.