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We know that integrating sustainability into your products and packaging can be overwhelming. We are here to help. Are you simply looking for a comparison LCA? Are you just starting off and need to bounce ideas with an expert? Would you like to see how others have started their sustainability journey by conducting a case study?

Strategic Consulting

Don’t know where to start? Relax. We have you covered. Our sustainability consultants are ready to help you achieve sustainability. Our wide array of expert services help you take the first steps. Trayak walks through the entire process whether it’s the beginning steps or it’s a final report.

Built upon years of practical, hands-on experience, Trayak’s sustainability consulting services are focused on your specific business drivers, tools, and requirements.

From strategic planning and Life Cycle Assessments, to on-going engagements and custom software development, our consulting offers the range and depth of expertise to deliver a measurable and sustained impact on both the environment and your bottom-line.

When you pair these services with options from our platform’s design suite, you truly have the power to revolutionize your company’s sustainability goals.

Customizable Onsite Sustainability Workshops

Trayak can conduct sustainability workshops to inform internal and external stakeholders about various sustainable practices and strategies for products and packages.

Life Cycle Thinking

Considering the entire life cycle of your products and packaging can help identify hotspots and areas for improvement and help you develop a better understanding of your environmental footprint.

Sustainability Goal Setting
  • Translate corporate sustainability goals into clear and measurable steps at operations level.
  • Operations-level metrics and scores are created allowing success to be effectively measured along the way.
  • Performance and predictive metrics are fed back up the corporate level to determine, adjust or verify future sustainability goals.
  • Implementation and planning
Business Drivers

Corporate sustainability reports are becoming the norm for many reasons.

Market Trends

Trayak shares the market trends in your specific industry and discusses the importance of staying ahead of the curve.

Sustainability Best Practices

Mainstreaming sustainability throughout your business is possible through Trayak.

Sustainability Guidance & Interpretation

Interpreting life cycle assessments can be a long-winding process with each answer leading to another question. Trayak helps you navigate the data, understand any tradeoffs, and make the best decision for your business.

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Expert Tool Kit Sessions

Trayak provides a customizable tool kit for your sustainability business needs.

Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment

Trayak will work with your company to model one baseline SKU to 2-4 packaging alternative SKUs and provide you with a detailed report containing the 8 Life Cycle Assessment indicators and the additional packaging attributes your company is tracking.

  • This way, you can baseline the environmental impact of your current packaging as well as quantify improvements for internal decision making.
Custom Life Cycle Assessment

For products or more complex packaging systems (i.e. reuse scenarios, new materials, etc.), a custom life cycle assessment can be modeled and conducted by Trayak.

Material/Manufacturing Process Addition

Our software solutions are populated with numerous datasets that provide our users with a wide array of common industry materials and processes. But new materials and processes are constantly being invented, so the life cycle inventory data is not always available.

  • Trayak can work with you and your suppliers to add proprietary or new materials/processes to the software solutions for your company only or for the entire user base.
Case Study

Life Cycle Assessment data is valuable but can sometimes be difficult to communicate. Trayak can help translate the life cycle indicators into simple metrics to illustrate environmental benefits.

  • These metrics can be incorporated into a case study written by Trayak to simplify the project to share with your stakeholders and internal decision makers.

You have a normal day job and we understand that. Our expert sustainability consultants can model your current packaging portfolio to create a baseline. Your company will have access through a license structure to view the process from day one.

  • Once your baseline is modeled you can take the wheels from here or our consultants can continue to work with you along the journey.
Software Automation & Integration

If you are at the point in your sustainability journey where you wish to fully integrate sustainability into every product and packaging decision you make, Trayak’s software solutions can be integrated into your CAD or PLM systems to automate the modeling process.

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