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Product Sustainability News You Can Use


  1. Selling the energy collected from efficiency
    Like a purchase power agreement, the sale of electricity saved through efficiency can be metered, measured and monetized in this pilot in Seattle.
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  2. Fix more, buy less: can Patagonia help rebrand repairs?
    A groundswell of product repair efforts — including Patagonia's new "Worn Wear" tour — are banking on macro-trends such as the maker movement to help sell the value of extended product lifespans.
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  3. The next frontier in connected energy: Syncing IoT, demand response
    Flashy new Internet of Things (IoT) devices need to work with demand-response enabled appliances. Here's why that's harder — and more important — than it may seem.
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  4. Six reasons to respond to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index survey
    Of course we all want high rankings, but the process of completing the questionnaire delivers insights all on its own.
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  5. Reporters beware: Change is coming to electricity reporting
    The way that electricity emissions is accounted for is changing, but will these changes actually motivate companies to invest in renewable electricity?
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  6. Sustainability meets Louis Vuitton
    If sustainability can be embraced by luxury good brands will retail goods follow suit?
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  7. Move over, Tesla: electric vehicles are about to be super-sized
    The humdrum markets of public transit and municipal garbage trucks are poised to be upended by new electric offerings.
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  8. Highway, heal thyself
    As the world's most common building material, concrete is cheap to produce but comes with high environmental costs — pushing researchers to experiment with more sustainable self-healing road materials.
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  9. State of Green Business: Money flows where sustainability grows
    Evolving risk calculations and increased emphasis on long-term growth prospects are helping sustainability's case for capital.
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  10. Are U.S. emissions and economic growth headed for a divorce?
    In the U.S., economic growth, carbon emissions and energy consumption have always gone hand in hand, but recent data shows that this trend may be ending.
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