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Product Sustainability News You Can Use


  1. Jackson presses winemaking into sustainability innovation
    Using ag-tech, solar energy and Tesla batteries as well as age-old methods like falconry, Jackson Family Wineries has sharply cut water, grid energy and pesticides.
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  2. Apple's big promotion; changes at the top for Walmart, USGBC
    The summer is off to a busy start with major sustainability shakeups at Apple, Walmart, the U.S. Green Building Council and Shell.
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  3. How to turn environmental compliance into a competitive edge
    For oil and gas companies, any failure to meet environmental rules can bring massive costs. That's why preparation has such a high ROI.
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  4. Let's talk about (brand) love (and sustainability)
    You thought sustainability was just an added bonus when it comes to brand loyalty? Think again.
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  5. Climate commitments should be made every 5 years — here's why
    Waiting a decade to renew climate commitments could mean missing important market openings. Cutting that in half unleashes big opportunity.
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  6. Inside the Foundry — AT&T’s IoT innovation center
    Amid the quirky Silicon Valley vibe there’s a serious mission to envision and invent the next generation of efficiency technologies.
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  7. How to make sustainability risk a strategic priority
    Oliver Wyman's Alex Wittenberg talks about strategic risks, why they're important, and how they're often overlooked.
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  8. Sprint, Staples, Kimberly-Clark: the litmus test for wheat-straw paper
    Wireless giant teams with Woody Harrelson-backed startup in an industry-first test aimed at reducing dependence on wood pulp.
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  9. Chevrolet is using old batteries to save … bats?
    As the bat population around the world is sharply declining, Chevrolet and NASCAR look to use old parts to help preserve the species.
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  10. Lessons from dumpster-diving at Huston-Tillotson University
    A 33-square-foot home makes a shipping container look palatial, as the Huston-Tilloston University campus discovered firsthand.
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