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Product Sustainability News You Can Use


  1. Trash 2.0? Nike, Carnival cruises and wading through waste data
    Waste management is getting a 21st century makeover with data analysis for large corporations to use in pursuing waste reduction.
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  2. Walmart shuffles sustainability leadership, taps new SVP
    A retail veteran well versed in melding on- and offline shopping will become second in command for sustainability.
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  3. Water hogs, data slop and makin’ bacon
    Naming and shaming homeowners who hog water is easy, but better data on businesses could unlock bigger opportunities.
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  4. Bank of England links climate change to financial crises
    The $50 billion in weather-related losses over the last decade "pale in significance" to what might come, the bank's governor warns.
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  5. Citibank: Clean energy will save $1.8 trillion
    A report by the banking behemoth gives the hard numbers to back up transitioning to a clean energy economy.
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  6. Tallying the ROI of resilient buildings
    Thinking beyond cheaper energy bills can pay dividends for companies who buy into smarter infrastructure.
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  7. How business got to the table on the Sustainable Development Goals
    The history of business relationships with governments and societies evolved — alongside political breakdown — to make business a prime actor.
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  8. Why H&M, Eileen Fisher and other fashion giants are saving forests
    Millions of trees are sacrificed to create rayon. The industry hopes to nip that problem in the bud.
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  9. 10 reasons why investors love shared transportation
    Shared mobility is not only the rage among riders and commuters but investors are jumping in, too.
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  10. 4 ways demand flexibility can help you dodge the dirtiest power
    Demand flexibility can make demand follow supply, allowing you to use more renewable energy.
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