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Product Sustainability News You Can Use


  1. Big Data vs. disease: Mars, IBM bet on food supply chain genomics
    As pressure mounts to feed a growing global population, food manufacturers must also confront lurking supply chain safety challenges.
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  2. Global supply chain still yawns at climate risks, CDP finds
    Suppliers of the world's biggest companies still aren't investing in sustainability. But pressure from customers like Microsoft, L'Oreal and Coca-Cola could change that.
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  3. Air traffic controllers plan route to fuel-saving flights
    New technology and smoother routes help U.K. air traffic services save airlines 1 million tons of CO2 a year — and now they're aiming higher.
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  4. It's the value, stupid: 11 tools to boost the business case for CSR
    Connecting sustainability to the bottom line is a major corporate social responsibility challenge — and opportunity. Here's how to make your case.
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  5. Ford, Nest, the Internet of Things: Can mobility merge with smart energy?
    Ford's new Silicon Valley R&D lab combines self-driving cars, software and smart energy — but what happens to sustainable mobility if you meld them?
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  6. 10 members of Congress who actually get sustainable business
    One key to connecting the dots between economic prosperity and sustainability: Recognition from Washington's top brass.
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  7. Four ways cities are using innovative technology to build resilience
    From smartphones to termite mounds, cities are using all kinds of resources in new ways to make them stronger and life in them more enjoyable.
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  8. Are stranded assets wearing down the oil and coal industries?
    From an oil chill in finance to the U.S.-China climate change agreement, recent developments make us ask: Is the fossil fuel business in decline?
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  9. How should companies calculate and report electricity emissions?
    Counting corporate emissions is tricky. That's why WRI and WBCSD released guidance to help firms navigate scope 2 emissions from electricity.
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  10. Why Microsoft and others are bringing the outdoors into office design
    Biophilic design features such as “skylights” from Iowa company Sky Factory bring glimpses of nature deep into office interiors.
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