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Product Sustainability News You Can Use


  1. Recipe for change: Recycling coal plant residue to make bricks
    The brick-making industry in India is being transformed — and local environments cleaned up — by an innovation to make bricks from the fly-ash residue of coal plants.
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  2. LEED for resilience? Paying for shock-proof infrastructure
    From new financial frameworks to updates of existing funding channels, resilience advocates are getting more specific about paying for sustainable infrastructure.
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  3. Where is the 'electric car' for the agriculture industry?
    Calling all carbon farmers! We want your innovations now.
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  4. Cities can use Big Data to find out what they really don't know
    This expert has been applying data to solve big problems since before data was cool.
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  5. COP21 could redefine green growth — if business steps up
    Former United Nations climate chief Yvo de Boer says progressive companies must do more to help politicians understand the business landscape.
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  6. From the Beltway to the Valley: Google nabs White House CSO
    As Apple and Amazon bolster their sustainability staffs, Google quietly has hired away America's first federal sustainability officer.
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  7. India's clean energy policy is crucial for climate change
    Here's why all eyes will turn to India at COP21 in Paris in December.
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  8. General Mills brings supply chain into emissions goal
    The food giant pledged a 28 percent greenhouse gas reduction across its entire business and value chain.
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  9. Sustainable Development Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure
    More companies are stepping up to fill a trillion-dollar infrastructure gap. Google, IBM, Cisco and Siemens are just a few of the players.
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  10. Keep it simple for effective messaging
    In this video, the Environmental Defense Fund uses the simple concept of a lever to tell the complex story of business influence on supply chains.
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