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Trayak is here to guide your packaging and product sustainability journey. From goals to reporting and everything in between, easily embed sustainability into your development workflow. Learn why so many industry leaders trust Trayak's sustainability experts today!

Business Drivers


Join the decarbonization movement and become a catalyst for change towards a low-carbon economy. Discover how leading organizations are setting ambitious goals to reduce emissions through responsible product and packaging sustainability.
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Equip your organization with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complex challenges of ESG and become a leader in corporate sustainability. Unlock new opportunities for growth, innovation, and positive impact while creating long-term value for stakeholders.
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Circular Economy

Embrace the circular economy revolution to reduce waste, optimize resource usage, and build innovative closed-loop solutions that grow resilience. Take action now and transform your business model from linear to circular for a future where profitability goes hand-in-hand with sustainability.
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Trayak's sustainability roadmap can help you reach your goals

Our Approach

Roadmap for Success

At Trayak, we believe in delivering exceptional results through our holistic approach to product and packaging sustainability. Your needs are unique - Trayak provides the roadmap to navigate your sustainability journey and reach your goals. Our trusted process combines years of industry knowledge and emphasizes measurable, data-driven insights.

Read more about our steps to success, how to make sure you’re moving in the right direction, and become a sustainability leader.

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The Leading Solution for Products & Packaging

We’ve made it our mission to deliver the most complete and leading software solution specifically designed for product and packaging sustainability. Trayak’s EcoImpact sustainability platform exceeds expectations, equipping engineers, designers, and sustainability professionals with a truly intuitive and robust solution. Make sense of your environmental footprint and implement profound sustainability strategies across your organization. Discover what sets Trayak’s EcoImpact sustainability platform apart from the rest.

Unparalleled Expertise

World-Class Consulting
and Services

Trayak delivers more than the leading sustainability solution for products and packaging. We also offer customizable consulting and services!

We understand that your sustainability journey is complex. That’s why our team of sustainability professionals and LCA experts are ready to provide guidance and support at any stage:

  • Looking for ISO 14040/44 conformant LCA and design comparisons?
  • Implementing new sustainability initiatives and need industry best practices from leading experts?
  • Are you ready to unlock the potential of your spec data with integration and custom impact assessments?

Explore how Trayak can grow with you today!

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Get the Latest Sustainability News, Trends, and Updates

Trayak’s team of dedicated sustainability professionals bring you a wealth of insights, emerging trends, and what’s going on in the world of sustainability.

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Hear From Our Clients

Success Stories

Find out what top sustainability leaders have to say about Trayak’s EcoImpact sustainability platform and consulting:

Running Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) using Compass has given us the ability to quickly assess directional impacts of options and quickly/clearly internally communicate it. Compass is easy to use, and it also provides some examples of everyday things people can relate to based on the metrics it gives, for example, the number of homes that can run on the energy used to make a package. Trayak’s sustainability consultants are always really helpful and they provide quick responses as needed
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Oscar Xoy
Compass has had an immediate and significant impact to our sustainability goals. With it’s very detailed and quantifiable calculation methods, we no longer have to estimate our sustainability impact based on very general EPA guidelines. We now know exact data points to allow us to make more eco-responsible packaging decisions from design, materials, manufacturing, and even from a geographical sourcing standpoint. Knowing that Compass is the gold standard in eco-analytics, we can confidently track and present our carbon footprint, and also make more informed decisions as to how we shape our sustainability program.


Microsoft has been an early adopter of the COMPASS life cycle assessment software using it to make design decisions to reduce the environmental footprint of our packaging. Additionally Trayak provided expert consulting services to help Microsoft quickly model and benchmark our complete packaging portfolio inside EcoImpact COMPASS. Their consulting team helped us use best practices and significantly reduced the time required for entering the packaging data. The reports and insights provided by the Trayak team and COMPASS helped Microsoft not only track progress towards our existing goals but also review and set new sustainability goals.
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Jeff Loth
EcoImpact COMPASS’ ability to quickly evaluate and compare packaging designs, enables our development teams to minimize the environmental impact of our packaging during the design phase, and provides our sales teams with easy to understand, quantifiable indicators to communicate the environmental benefits of new designs to our customers.

Jones Healthcare Group

COMPASS has been a key tool for our development process for many years – having an easy + accessible tool to compare packaging LCA analyses has helped us make format comparisons quickly and confidently. We’ve been nothing but pleased with Trayak during this time. They have provided in-person training to our engineering + sustainability teams and have always kept us apprised of any updates in the system. Thanks for the many years!”
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SC Johnson

EcoImpact-Compass has allowed us at Traditional Medicinals to establish baseline impact measurements for all our bagged tea packaging (tea strings, cartons, pallets, etc.) for the first time. This allows us to not only quantify and better understand the environmental impacts of our packaging, but also provides us a shared language to discuss these topics internally. Using EcoImpact-Compass, we created a new internal process to evaluate potential new packaging substrates against our existing packaging. The comparative report function empowers cross-functional decision each time we make a new packaging choice.

Traditional Medicinals


Our Commitment to Sustainability

One Tree Planted Partnership

In recognition of your sustainability commitment, Trayak plants a tree for every EcoImpact-COMPASS user as a tribute to your efforts in reducing environmental impact. This initiative aligns with our dedication to environmental responsibility. Together let's make a positive impact on the planet!