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About Us

Trayak’s Vision is that all companies will design and manufacture their entire portfolio using sustainable strategies.

It’s our goal to show you that implementing sustainable practices into your current manufacturing and design processes is not as difficult as it may seem.

Our Mission is to provide you with easy-to-use decision tools that can be embedded in your company’s mainstream product and packaging development, manufacturing and launch processes.

Trayak allows you to bring real innovation to product sustainability throughout your product life cycle — design, engineering and manufacturing.

Brand Story


Every brand should have a story. Here is ours.

The name Trayak is loosely defined from Sanskrit as “The Protector.” This concept has been the driving force for Trayak as a company, and it is reflected through our brand icon.

TrayakWithTagline 2020

We are driven to protecting our earth by embedding sustainable practices through our customers. This is our purpose every day. When we work with customers, we offer them protection — from wasted material, inefficient manufacturing methods and lost revenue. As our mission states, we bring real innovation to product sustainability throughout the product life cycle for our customers.

For our employees, we enable them to create and share their ideas. We encourage their passion for protecting the earth in all of their work.

We welcome you to join us on our journey to protect our environment!

Our Relationship with SPC

Trayak is powered by COMPASS, a tool that was developed by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). It was created in a collaborative process with packaging experts, stakeholders, life cycle assessment professionals and academia.

As a partner of SPC, Trayak helped develop and update the tool throughout the first years of its use. Eventually, Trayak took ownership of COMPASS and revamped the tool, embedding it in the Trayak platform. Today, we continue to add functionality and update the datasets.

Today, Trayak continues to have a strong relationship with SPC. We offer exclusive SPC membership benefits and collaborate on various projects.

Our Partners

Multiple companies support Trayak and our vision for a more sustainable future when it comes to products and packaging.

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