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Expert Services

Expert Services

Trayak offers expert services and consulting engagements that work in conjunction with the COMPASS life cycle assessment solutions or as independent standalone projects. Our talented team is ready to help whether you’re at the start of your sustainability journey or have a well-developed program. We are happy to discuss and help with any project you bring our way.

Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment

Trayak will work with your company to model one package SKU and compare it to two to four design alternatives. We conduct a review and provide a standard report containing a choice of eight Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) indicators to help you make a decision.

This is a good way to get started with a low fixed price. You can quantify tangible improvements for internal decision making. These proof points can be helpful for communicating decisions. 

Custom Life Cycle Assessment

For complex new products or new packaging systems (i.e. reuse scenarios, new materials, etc.), a custom life cycle assessment may be the right answer.

We will work with you to gather data and provide holistic environmental impact across every life cycle stage. We can incorporate and analyze your company specific or proprietary data and use case.

New Material/Manufacturing Process Addition

Our software solutions are populated with a wide array of common industry materials and processes. But new materials and processes are constantly being invented for which the life cycle inventory data is not always readily available.

Trayak can work with you and your suppliers to add proprietary or new materials/processes to the software solutions. Frequently this service is free. You only pay if it is proprietary and made available only to you.

Case Study

Sometimes your sustainability projects can have substantial benefits and a story to tell. Communicating these stories in a simple manner that your stakeholders can relate to could be important for your business. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data is valuable but can sometimes be complex to communicate. Trayak can help translate the life cycle indicators into simple metrics that illustrate the environmental benefits.

  • A short case study written by Trayak can provide the independent third-party perspective. We will work with you to write a report that brings out the benefit in a very tangible manner.

You have a normal day job and we understand that. While you recognize the benefit of a comprehensive baseline of your portfolio you don’t have the time or the resources. Our expert sustainability consultants can collaborate with you and be your extended team. We can model your entire current portfolio in a cost effective manner. Your company will have access to all the data in the Trayak solution for future use.

  • Once your baseline is modeled you can take the wheel from there or our consultants can continue to work with you along the journey.
Software Automation & Integration

If you want to fully mainstream sustainability into every product and packaging decision you make, Trayak’s software solutions can be integrated into your CAD, PLM or Spec management systems. This allows automated and rapid modeling of your new designs as they occur in your company.

  • Automation allows for large amounts of data for products or packaging systems to be quickly added and incorporated into the Trayak solutions. This allows benchmarking and dashboarding to gain valuable insights into your overall environmental impacts.

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