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Operations & Supply Chain

Easily and quickly evaluate all stages of a supply chain including: material sourcing, manufacturing, conversion, distribution, and end-of-life. In many industries the indirect emissions created by the supply chain account for the largest environmental impact. Thus sourcing from different suppliers  can have a massive influence on your company’s environmental footprint. EcoImpact-COMPASS gives professionals in the operations and supply chain a quick and easy tool to evaluate different suppliers.

How We Can Help:

Evaluate your existing portfolio and create a baseline
Compare material and manufacturing alternatives
Cloud-based solution to take with you on the go
Report to Walmart’s Project Gigaton
Create data for your Corporate Sustainability Reports (CSR)
Relax. With Trayak, you have an innovative and trusted partner and an easy-to-use platform that makes sustainable package and product design simple, mainstream, transparent and profitable. Let us get you started.