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Reporting GHG Reductions to Project Gigaton

Reporting GHG Reductions to Project Gigaton

Walmart has launched their Project Gigaton initiative. In it, Walmart asks its suppliers to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by 1 gigaton from their supply chain by 2030. Reductions will be measured based on improvements in the following key areas:


For Walmart suppliers, packaging is a good place to start to reduce their carbon footprint. Sustainable packaging can be achieved through three priority areas: optimizing design, sourcing sustainably and supporting recycling.

Trayak can help you decrease material usage, increase cube utilization and change your packaging formats (ex. rigid container to flexible package) by analyzing your packaging designs. We can also model increased recycled content or bio-based materials, and can help you phase out harmful materials.

Trayak can help you calculate GHG reductions from various sustainable packaging strategies. You can easily model packaging system changes to evaluate GHG reductions. This information can then be used to report progress to Walmart.

Trayak has also worked with Walmart to create a simple calculator for suppliers to report progress and GHG reductions. This is housed in the supplier web portal.

You can read more about how we can be used to report progress toward Project Gigaton in our blog.