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Testimonials & Clients

Explore what industry leaders are saying about how Trayak and COMPASS have helped them progress through their sustainability journeys. Discover how Trayak helps with package LCA case studies, hands-on consulting engagements, product LCAs, benchmarking entire portfolios, and much more. We have clients across every industry which you can explore below.

Food Industry

There is an ever-growing consumer demand for sustainably driven companies. Consumers want to be assured about the environmental impacts of a food’s packaging. They also want to know that the food they are purchasing is organic, sustainably harvested, etc. As a response, companies in the food industry are running LCAs, not only on their packaging but their products as well. 

Sustainability Case Study

“Bhoomi was selected for a packaging study led by Trayak, its sustainability consultants and in partnership with the Climate Collaborative.  Since sustainability is a top priority for Bhoomi, this was an amazing opportunity as we had been working towards coming up with a 100% sugarcane-based packaging for our product. Trayak’s team was highly professional and collaborative that helped us clearly see the impact of our packaging and reach closer to our regenerative impact goals.  In addition, Trayak’s work allowed us to effectively communicate our results to our customers and stakeholders. For example – This study allowed us to learn that switching to a sugarcane bio HDPE bottle will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 89.5% percentage and reduce fossil fuel consumption by 62.6%. Their analysis goes deeper into the indicators and the simple indicators provide pieces of information that are relatable as well as easily digestible for the audience. Trayak’s study was easily above and beyond our expectations!”

Read more about the case study here.

Arpit Bhopalkar, Bhoomi

Quickly Compare Alternatives

“Working with Trayak was excellent. It’s highly likely we would have been going down a less-impactful road if we didn’t partner with Trayak on this case study!  The case study with Trayak allowed Boulder Organic Foods to quickly compare our current packaging with alternatives. The simple indicators allow us to easily communicate results and recommendations with stakeholders. We’ve identified two additional configurations that this work affects positively, which are outside of our initial scope. This means when we are able to implement, we will see even greater reduction in fossil fuel consumption, water use, and greenhouse gas emissions than the case study quantified.”

Read more about the case study here.

Jen-ai Stokesbary, Boulder Organic Foods

Informed Decisions for R&D

“COMPASS allows our Research & Development team to easily compare the sustainability attributes and make informed decisions about our packaging formats.”

Read more about the case study here.

Happy Family Organics

Some of the food industry companies that use COMPASS:

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumers are rewarding brands that take responsibility for the environmental impact of their packages/products. LCAs help brands evaluate a package within the design phase and help them tell the story of the benefit and environmental impact reductions through simple indicators.

Quickly Analyze options in the design phase

“Running Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) using Compass has given us the ability to quickly assess directional impacts of options and quickly/clearly internally communicate it. Compass is easy to use, and it also provides some examples of everyday things people can relate to based on the metrics it gives, for example, the number of homes that can run on the energy used to make a package. Trayak’s sustainability consultants are always really helpful and they provide quick responses as needed”

Oscar Xoy, Colgate-Palmolive

Product LCA Project

“Sustainability is a top priority for Cleanyst. By engaging with Trayak for an LCA prior to finalizing the design of our system, we were able to significantly lower our carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. This was a complex project and kudos to Trayak for helping us break down the system components and identify opportunities for improvement.”

Nick Gunia, Cleanyst

Insightful Comparative Product LCA

“Avocado utilized Trayak’s consulting services to evaluate the environmental impact of our products. Conducting a comparative LCA has given us the ability to find even more sustainable alternative materials as our products go through future iterations. Trayak was a pleasure to work with and we’re really grateful for the unique insights that they were able to provide.”

Bri Decker, Avocado Mattress

Easy and Accessible Tool

“COMPASS has been a key tool for our development process for many years – having an easy + accessible tool to compare packaging LCA analyses has helped us make format comparisons quickly and confidently. We’ve been nothing but pleased with Trayak during this time. They have provided in-person training to our engineering + sustainability teams and have always kept us apprised of any updates in the system. Thanks for the many years!”

method + ecover

some of the CPG companies that use COMPASS:


Major retailers are paying attention and actively driving sustainability considerations into the packages they put on their shelves. Whether you are reporting to Project Gigaton or designing a new package, Trayak is here to help. 

Some of the retailers that use COMPASS:


The electronic industry is in the direct spotlight when it comes to the packaging experience of the consumer after purchasing a new device. The packaging should be sleek, frustration free, and ultimately sustainable. Looking for a place to start? Companies utilize our automation & customization services in the form of data integration. 

Some of the electronics industry companies that use COMPASS:


Most people associate medical packaging with the words sanitary, tamper proof, and reliable. The word sustainable is now entering the mix with companies looking to reduce their environmental footprint across all their packaging. Take the first step by engaging with us in a Standard Packaging Assessment or Case Study. Our sustainability consultants can quickly analyze your packaging systems, explain the results, and help you progress on your sustainability journey.

Some companies in the medical field that use COMPASS:

Packaging Suppliers

Is a customer of yours asking for an LCA? A good place to begin is a consulting project with Trayak. Our talented team of experts will work with your company to conduct a Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment which can quantify tangible improvements for internal decision making.

License Experience

“COMPASS helped is transform our packaging sustainability experience. It is one of those platforms that we didn’t need to market internally to increase adoption because COMPASS helped our team translate our sustainability achievements into quantifiable results brands want to understand.”

Tag Graham, Ring Container

From Consulting Project to License

“Compass Tool has been pivotal for our use in Life Cycle Assessment projects. We are able to measure our holistic environmental impacts, assess alternative materials and clearly answer “what-if” questions that are pivotal to our customers with customers. The easy user interface enables the non-technical user to learn the tool quickly and build projects at a much faster pace. We believe the Compass tool will be pivotal for us to build our circular economy models and highly recommend this tool to anyone looking to do the same.”

Balaji Jayaseelan, Graham Packaging

Some Packaging Suppliers that use COMPASS:


As the industry standard LCA solution, EcoImpact-COMPASS is a must-have software platform to prepare students for the workplace. We offer affordable, highly discounted academic licenses for everyone in education from research labs to classrooms. Email us at for more information.

Invest in future sustainability professionals

“The RIT Packaging Science Department has been utilizing COMPASS since 2006 in both our undergraduate and graduate courses. COMPASS continues today to be an important tool that students use for innovative sustainable packaging design in their classes.”

Professor Karen L. Proctor, Rochester Institute of Technology, Packaging Science Department

Trayak’s University Program

“COMPASS is an easy-to-use LCA software having a great user-friendly interface. Trayak’s University program allows me to easily adopt COMPASS into my classrooms and to effectively teach packaging LCA to undergraduate students.”

Jonghun Park, PHD, Ryerson University

affordable and easy-to-use platform

“For my packaging sustainability class, students need a software to learn life cycle assessment methodologies. EcoImpact-COMPASS from Trayak’s University program provides an affordable and easy-to-use platform for students to develop a product/packaging life cycle thinking and evaluate the packaging system’s environmental footprint.”

Joongmin Shin, PHD, California Polytechnic State University

Some of the schools using COMPASS in the classroom: