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Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumers are rewarding brands that take responsibility for the environmental impact of their packages/products. LCAs help brands evaluate a package within the design phase and help them tell the story of the benefit and environmental impact reductions through simple indicators.

Quickly Analyze options in the design phase

“Running Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) using Compass has given us the ability to quickly assess directional impacts of options and quickly/clearly internally communicate it. Compass is easy to use, and it also provides some examples of everyday things people can relate to based on the metrics it gives, for example, the number of homes that can run on the energy used to make a package. Trayak’s sustainability consultants are always really helpful and they provide quick responses as needed”

Oscar Xoy, Colgate-Palmolive

Product LCA Project

“Sustainability is a top priority for Cleanyst. By engaging with Trayak for an LCA prior to finalizing the design of our system, we were able to significantly lower our carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. This was a complex project and kudos to Trayak for helping us break down the system components and identify opportunities for improvement.”

Nick Gunia, Cleanyst

Insightful Comparative Product LCA

“Avocado utilized Trayak’s consulting services to evaluate the environmental impact of our products. Conducting a comparative LCA has given us the ability to find even more sustainable alternative materials as our products go through future iterations. Trayak was a pleasure to work with and we’re really grateful for the unique insights that they were able to provide.”

Bri Decker, Avocado Mattress

Easy and Accessible Tool

“COMPASS has been a key tool for our development process for many years – having an easy + accessible tool to compare packaging LCA analyses has helped us make format comparisons quickly and confidently. We’ve been nothing but pleased with Trayak during this time. They have provided in-person training to our engineering + sustainability teams and have always kept us apprised of any updates in the system. Thanks for the many years!”

method + ecover

some of the CPG companies that use COMPASS: