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Packaging Suppliers

Packaging Suppliers

Is a customer of yours asking for an LCA? A good place to begin is a consulting project with Trayak. Our talented team of experts will work with your company to conduct a Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment which can quantify tangible improvements for internal decision making.

Indispensable Solutions

“Trayak has been an excellent partner in the Inno-Pak sustainability journey. Their team is a joy to work with and explain the finer details of the Life Cycle Assessments (LCA’s) and case studies in ways that make it easy to present to our staff and our customers. With Trayak’s case studies and LCA’s, we were able to show how making changes to the packaging type used for a specific application can have a massive effect on reducing the amount of plastic needed and the overall carbon footprint without sacrificing packaging quality. These tools have been and will continue to be invaluable for Inno-Pak.”

Nathan Schultz, Inno-Pak

From Consulting Project to License

“Compass Tool has been pivotal for our use in Life Cycle Assessment projects. We are able to measure our holistic environmental impacts, assess alternative materials and clearly answer “what-if” questions that are pivotal to our customers with customers. The easy user interface enables the non-technical user to learn the tool quickly and build projects at a much faster pace. We believe the Compass tool will be pivotal for us to build our circular economy models and highly recommend this tool to anyone looking to do the same.”

Balaji Jayaseelan, Graham Packaging

License Experience

“COMPASS helped us transform our packaging sustainability experience. It’s one of those platforms that we didn’t need to market internally to increase adoption because COMPASS helped our team translate our sustainability achievements into quantifiable results brands want to understand.”

Tag Graham, Ring Container

Some Packaging Suppliers that use COMPASS: