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EcoImpact-COMPASS for Packaging

EcoImpact-COMPASS for Packaging

Optimize Packages for Sustainability

Trayak provides data-driven insight into the environmental impact of package designs with Life cycle assessment. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a cradle-to-grave analysis that calculates environmental impacts associated with all stages of a package’s life cycle including:

  • Material sourcing
  • Manufacturing
  • Conversion
  • Distribution
  • End-of-life

Life Cycle Approach 

The life cycle approach quantifies the environmental impact of your package design. Our software allows you to evaluate design alternatives early and rapidly to find the solution that best meets your packaging requirements. This can help streamline the design process, avoid costly mistakes, and even consumer backlash. Life cycle assessment can be used to:

  • Understand impacts for key environmental metrics such as greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption.
  • Identify environmental “hotspots”, implement simple to complex sustainability strategies including refillable or reusable packaging, and reduce your overall environmental impact.
  • Baseline your product or packaging portfolio, determine meaningful sustainability goals, and report progress to stakeholders.

Learn More About Life Cycle Assessment

Utilizing EcoImpact-COMPASS Packaging:
For Beginners and Advanced

The Trayak solution utilizes COMPASS, the gold standard in packaging sustainability. Its metrics and methodologies were:

  • Developed through consensus by some of the leading experts on packaging and sustainability within the industry
  • Peer reviewed by a variety of stakeholders, including the U.S. EPA, and adopted by many of the largest global consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies
  • Externally verified to conform to ISO 14040 standards

Whether you are in the beginning stages of your sustainability journey or more advanced, Trayak’s platform was created to incorporate environmental performance criteria into the concept development and material selection stages of package design.

Get Started!

  • User-friendly and cloud-based packaging software
  • Easily select from pre-loaded common packaging materials and conversions
  • Find out what will happen at end-of-life data for various regions
  • Trusted by leading companies
  • Used to teach the next generation of packaging engineers at leading educational institutions
Relax. With Trayak, you have an innovative and trusted partner and an easy-to-use platform that makes sustainable package and product design simple, mainstream, transparent and profitable. Let us get you started.

Operationalize Sustainability Goals

Drive Product & Package sustainability initiatives

Companies can no longer afford to treat sustainability as a side project.

It should be a core competency that helps you deliver innovative and differentiated products while being good stewards of our planet.

Use weighting to prioritize metrics for your company.

Track sustainability metrics that are important for your corporate sustainability goals.

Embed sustainability into your work process and make it seamless.

Automate sustainability decision-making and adopt it into your day to day business.