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Going Beyond Life Cycle Assessment

Operationalizing Your Sustainability Strategy

Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a great first step in a company’s sustainability journey, but oftentimes tracking a broader set of metrics will give you a more complete picture.

For example, LCA will not tell you if a product is recyclable, or if it includes bio-renewable or post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.

Companies often set corporate sustainability goals such as reducing their carbon footprint or increasing their use of recycled content. However, they don’t create actionable steps or have any way of measuring their progress towards their goals.

This is where Trayak’s add-on EcoImpact-SCORE software gives you an advantage!

EcoImpact-SCORE gives your product and package development processes direction at the operational level to facilitate your sustainability strategy. Choose from a library of metrics and attributes and prioritize them to your organization to create internal scores for decision-making that meet business goals.

EcoImpact-SCORE will help you not only track custom metrics but will also help you actually achieve product and brand goals.

As part of the Trayak platform, EcoImpact-SCORE can be fully integrated into your processes by embedding in your enterprise IT systems.

Once fully embedded, EcoImpact-SCORE’s assessment can be automated making the analysis a natural part of your design process. These vital integrations will yield quantifiable results for:

  • material optimization
  • waste reduction
  • manufacturing efficiency
  • profitability for your business
Relax. With Trayak, you have an innovative and trusted partner and an easy-to-use platform that makes sustainable package and product design simple, mainstream, transparent and profitable. Let us get you started.