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EPR Fee Reporting

EPR Fee Reporting

Leverage the power of EcoImpact-COMPASS

combine your packacking sustainability and EPR fee reporting

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy approach that is gaining momentum across the world and EPR fee reporting is increasingly important to meet operational requirements.

Trayak collects and consolidates global EPR requirements for each country, leveraging client data and EcoImpact-COMPASS to provide appropriate fees and important considerations. Each region’s requirements are unique and so are the variables that could save you money. Don’t miss out on maximizing your insights by implementing a comprehensive sustainability solution.
With Trayak, you won’t have to rely on materials purchased. Instead, combine your sustainability and EPR fee reporting into one streamlined process. Learn how you can leverage EcoImpact-COMPASS to revolutionize your EPR fee reporting today!
Relax. With Trayak, you have an innovative and trusted partner and an easy-to-use platform that makes sustainable package and product design simple, mainstream, transparent and profitable. Let us get you started.