Trayak CEO Prashant Jagtap to Speak on the Future of Sustainable Packaging and Technology at SPC Impact 2019

SEATTLE, WA – January 22nd, 2019 – CEO Prashant Jagtap will be presenting on the future of technology and how it relates to sustainable packaging at SPC Impact 2019, a convention in Seattle WA centered around encouraging and developing more sustainable package design in many industries.

In the past few years many exciting hardware/software technologies have become mainstream in various industries creating exciting new applications. Virtual/augmented reality, artificial intelligence, block chain and the internet of things (IOT) are a few of these with the potential of solving difficult problems in sustainability. During his talk, Jagtap will introduce these technologies and examine what promise they hold to enable sustainable packaging. 

For more information about the SPC Impact 2019 Convention, click here.

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