MyGizmo Integrates Technology and Sustainability to Offer Consumers a Unique Way to Use and Own Electronics

The MyGizmo application integrates technology and sustainability by offering consumers a new and unique way to recover money while extending the useful life of their expensive electronics.

CINCINNATI – December 12, 2016 – The MyGizmo platform empowers consumers to prevent electronic waste by allowing anyone to participate in the ‘sharing economy’ for electronics. MyGizmo leverages a user’s networks and local community to create a social marketplace for buying, selling, and trading of new and used gizmos.

Trayak first piloted the MyGizmo App in the Mason, OH community and received valuable user feedback. This feedback spurred continued market research and a major round of development. Today the application has been released in the US and in selected global markets.

With the latest update, MyGizmo expands beyond cell phones to many common product categories like cameras, televisions, computers, wearable tech, and video game consoles. All these categories of gizmos can now be traded on the MyGizmo social marketplace. Users can easily see and measure the positive environmental impact of reusing their gizmos.

Trayak President & CEO, Prashant Jagtap comments:

“MyGizmo is a pioneering platform and app that harnesses powerful concepts like social marketplace, reverse supply chains and the sharing economy to combat the growing electronic waste problem.  With the latest release, MyGizmo is now ready for a global rollout. Any user around the world can now readily tap into the cash value of their used electronics. This global platform will give every consumer a chance to use and re-use electronics in new and exciting ways.”

MyGizmo’s core functionalities have been enhanced to streamline the buying and selling process. The app’s user experience has been reengineered making it easier than ever for consumers to transfer ownership of a gizmo to someone within their social circle or local community.

New Features:

  • PayPal integration extends payment flexibility
  • Tagging system facilitates user searches
  • Sort by Region makes it easier to find gizmos in your neighborhood.
  • In-depth seller information creates safe, and secure transactions
  • Buyer/ Seller reviews creates a reliable marketplace.

MyGizmo is now available for iOS and Android. V1.4 will be released on the App store and Google Play by Friday 12/16.

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