Collage of professionals connecting around the world.

Connecting with Global Partners

CINCINNATI, OH – January, 2022.

We are bringing new ideas and energy around the world by connecting with global partners. We are excited to join the World Packaging Organization (WPO) as a corporate partner. Look for our team at WPO board meetings, conferences, and the WPO Talk Show.  

The World Packaging Organization is a non-profit, non-governmental, international federation. Members include national packaging institutes and associations, corporations, and trade associations, among others. Their vision is “Better Quality of Life, Through Better Packaging, For More People”. Learn more about WPO on their website

Multiple companies support Trayak and our vision for a more sustainable future when it comes to products and packaging. Visit the partner page of our website to learn more about who else we partner with or to explore a partnership with us.

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