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Driscoll’s Overcomes Tradeoffs for Sustainable Packages

CINCINNATI, OH – May, 2022. Trayak is excited for an upcoming collaborative webinar presented with Driscoll’s, a household name for delicious berries. Sustainable design strategies often possess their own unique costs and benefits that need to be understood before making a switch. Using a different material may lower your carbon footprint but also might increase water use, damage rate, or reduce shelf life. Changes to the primary package can cause ripple effects throughout the entire packaging system and supply chain.  Join us in this collaborative webinar with Driscoll’s Camille Herrera, Packaging Development and Sustainability Manager, as she shares her journey using EcoImpact-COMPASS and the lessons she learned while weighing the tradeoffs of material and format changes. Register now to join our webinar! Click here to check out past case studies.

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