EcoImpact New Features

EcoImpact is the leading sustainability solution designed for product and packaging engineers/designers and sustainability professionals to manage environmental impact. This year we have been busy releasing new features on EcoImpact-COMPASS: roll up reports, circularity index, simple indicators, and a company goal platform. We are excited for these new features and we know you will be too! Here is what to expect the next time you log on to EcoImpact-COMPASS.

Roll Up Reports

Added in late spring/early summer 2019 this feature allows users to calculate company wide impact in an easy to read report. 

Circularity Index

Circularity index allows users to calculate the efficiency of a product or package to be collected, recycled, and reintroduced into the material feedstock with the goal to create a closed loop system.

Simple Indicators

Simple indicators have been provided to our case study clients in the past as well as other clients when requested. However, overtime we have seen how helpful simple indicators are in communicating the results to non-technical audiences such as management and stakeholders. Now all of our clients can utilize these helpful metrics which can be located within the HTML single, comparative, and roll up reports. 

Company Goal Platform

The company goal platform allows users to set, measure, and track all sustainability priorities for their business. 

To start making a difference with your packaging today sign up for a free EcoImpact trial license. Import your company’s product and packaging BOMs into the software, and then create a roll-up dashboard report to view your impacts across your entire portfolio. View your as-designed impact as well as your actual impact based on your production volumes. Generate realistic goals that you can measure progress against. Sign up here.

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