Going Green: Tips for a small business

Even the smallest of businesses can impact the environment by adopting some simple sustainability practices. The more a company commits to being sustainable, the greater the impact it can have. Simple eco-friendly steps can have a surprisingly large effect on the environment; and your bottom-line. Here are some common sense steps that every small business should take.

  • Paper use: You’ve heard it so many times that its on the verge of becoming white noise: Save a tree and use less paper. Today’s digital business environment allows companies to go virtually paperless. Take advantage of the Internet, e-mail, and flash drives to streamline and become more responsive. When you do have to print on paper, be sure to do so on both sides, and when purchasing paper look for recycled stock.
  • Power Consumption: Turning off unused equipment and lights when not in use can reduce energy costs as much as 25%. Turning off equipment (including computers, lights, and office appliances) at the end of the day saves an additional 50%.
  • Check those washrooms. A sink drip at a single drop of water per second adds up to nearly 27,000 gallons a year. Low flow toilets reduce water consumption from 3.5 to 1.6 gallons per flush.
  • One man’s trash: Many companies produce refuse as a part of doing business. Check to see if other companies or even homeowners in your area might use the byproduct of your processes. Similarly, outdated office furniture and like supplies can be sold or donated.


These are just a few steps that small businesses can take to have a positive impact on sustainability.  As you begin to scrutinize other practices more opportunities will present themselves.

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