Trayak has announced a new integration with Specright

CINCINNATI, OH – November, 2021.

Trayak has announced an integration between EcoImpact-COMPASS, the leading software solution for developing sustainable packaging and products, and Specright, the first purpose-built platform for Specification Management. 

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is essential to package and product design. Screening LCA tools like EcoImpact-COMPASS make it easier to facilitate baselining and decision making without devoting the time and resources to a full LCA. EcoImpact-COMPASS is a screening LCA tool that uses industry averages for different material and production processes to give package designers a holistic view of their package’s environmental performance. 

Nevertheless, the data collection process continues to be time consuming for many companies. 

“Prior to the integration, companies typically spent 6-12 months just gathering the product and packaging data required to conduct an LCA across their suppliers and internal departments. This data typically lives in spreadsheets, legacy systems, emails and PDFs and has to be standardized and normalized before performing an LCA.”

-Matthew Wright, Specright Founder and CEO

With the integration to Specrights’s Specification Management platform, at a click of a button companies can instantly send packaging and product specification data to EcoImpact-COMPASS. Thus significantly reducing the time required to complete analysis in EcoImpact-COMPASS.

“Our partnership with Specright means companies can essentially hit an ‘easy button’ and get the data they need to perform LCAs all the time, not just ad hoc. This enables data-driven decisions throughout a product’s lifecycle when it comes to sustainability.” 

-Prashant Jagtap, Trayak Founder & CEO

This integration between EcoImpact-COMPASS and Specright will help companies take their sustainability to the next level.

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