Beyond 34: Cincinnati

What is Beyond 34?

The Beyond 34 initiative is led by the United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The goal of Beyond 34 is to advance the circular economy in various regions and cities across the United States by providing

COMPASS 2021 Method Released

CINCINNATI, OH – June 22, 2021

The latest COMPASS 2021 method is now available inside EcoImpact. All users have been automatically updated from EcoImpact-COMPASS 2020 to EcoImpact-COMPASS 2021 unless they requested otherwise during the notification period. If requested, it is

EPR considerations for Sustainable Packaging

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) are policies where the producer holds a responsibility for the disposal of products and/or packaging. Similar to the historical bottle recycling program, EPR policies are utilized around the globe, often as a fee associated with end

Recycling in the U.S. is broken, but fixable.

Recycling in the United States started by generally accepting paper, glass, and aluminum. The rise of convenient, one-time-use packaging gave way to a new material for the recycling stream – plastic.

Plastic use is on the rise

In the 1960s,