Promo for Reuse in Action webinar from March 29, 2022

Free Webinar: Reuse in Action

CINCINNATI, OH – March, 2022.

Learn more about how Tosca has used LCA to inform product development, how they have helped Trayak develop new reuse and configurable washing cycle functionality, and how they are using EcoImpact-COMPASS to drive meaningful change.

Illustration of scientist with beakers, test tubes and a recycling container

Advancing Recycling

Plastics are incredibly convenient materials. Glass is transparent and aesthetically pleasing, metals are sturdy and easily shaped, paper is lightweight and cheaply produced. But plastic can be any or all of these at once. Plastics are extremely versatile and can
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Investing in Packaging Innovation

CINCINNATI, OH – March, 2022.

At Trayak we are investing in packaging innovation to create a more sustainable world. Packaging plays a large role in our changing climate and climate change isn’t going to be solved by a single company,

COMPASS 2022 Method Released

CINCINNATI, OH – March, 2022.

The latest COMPASS 2022 method is now available inside EcoImpact. All users have been automatically updated from COMPASS 2021 to COMPASS 2022 unless they requested otherwise during the notification period. If requested, it is possible